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4th Exhibition floor Zwijndrecht very successful!

Volunteer Week

Volunteer week will take place from 13 to 18 June 2022. During this week, the municipality of Zwijndrecht, in collaboration with various organizations, will honor all volunteers in Zwijndrecht and Heerjansdam and thank them for their efforts! After all, volunteers are worth GOLD!

Volunteer Market

Volunteering is not only very useful, but also an excellent opportunity to meet new people. That is why Zwijndrechtvoorelkaar is organizing a volunteer market in September 2022 for and together with a number of social organizations in Zwijndrecht.

Voluntary Traineeship

Ukraine aid actions

make an impact - your way

aid campaigns for Ukraine

What is happening in Ukraine is terrible. What can you do to help the Ukrainian people? Or can you help and support the Ukrainian people here? Here you will find the best relief actions collected!


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How do you want to make a difference? Choose from the many options what suits you and make an impact on others, the world and yourself.

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Volunteering can be done in so many ways and places, that there is always something for you. Become a (language) buddy, have a nice coffee, help at the Food Bank or write a sweet card for lonely elderly people. Or discover one of the other options that you can get started with now:

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