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How do I write a good request for help?

The first step in finding suitable help is to write a request for help. Good and complete requests for help receive responses earlier and increase the chance of prompt and appropriate help. That's exactly what you want when posting a question right? We give you 5 tips to make your request for help perfect!


  1. The title. The title is the very first thing that volunteers see, so it's nice if this is immediately clear and catchy. Don't make a title too short, but don't make it too long either. A good title is a good title if it is immediately clear what the question is, it sparks enthusiasm and gives you energy!
  2. Introduce yourself . Tell me something about yourself. This makes it easier for the volunteer to find out if and what he/she can do for you! For example, what are your hobbies? And what really makes you happy? Why do you seek help and above all: why is this help important to you?
  3. What do you need from a volunteer? It should be fun to ask for help and to offer it. By sharing expectations with each other, it only becomes easier, and therefore more fun. Requirements that are too high may deter you, but it is important to let us know what you want. By discussing it together you can ensure that you become a fantastic match!
  4. How often can you use help? With a clear description of your request for help, help providers can more easily estimate whether the request for help suits them. That way, neither of you will be faced with surprises or disappointments if it turns out not to fit in the agenda.
  5. Positivity is contagious ! So approach the request for help positively and make sure that volunteers are willing to come and help you. Maybe not everything is sweet, but we believe that everyone has something nice, special or unique. Make sure to include this in the request for help. It is very necessary that you are helped, but also very nice to be able to help you or your organization. Everything is much more fun together.

What better not to do?

The requests for help are public and therefore visible to everyone. Do not share personal information such as last name, address, telephone number or sensitive information via a request for help. You can share this kind of data with volunteers via a personal message.

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