Blijdschap voor de dieren

Karssenberg 11
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Stichting Blijdschap Voor De Dieren, hereinafter referred to as BVDD, was founded on 10 May 2019 by Frank Dogterom. A foundation that aims to preserve and promote animal welfare.

CBF Certified – ANBI – non-profit organization
The foundation is a CBF certified non-profit organization. The CBF checks whether charities meet strict quality requirements. You can give to the small group of Recognized Charities. Then you know for sure that your donation actually contributes to a better world. The board consists of unpaid volunteers. Without private interests, they make their services available to the foundation and thereby promote the welfare of animals.

The foundation was established with the aim of helping animals in need due to all kinds of causes that an owner/keeper can get with his animal. This includes owners/keepers who are no longer able to care for their animals due to personal circumstances. Causes such as: admission to a hospital, care home, homelessness, death, etc.).

More information can be found on our website.
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